Monday, February 28, 2011

Mappy Monday: Croad and Stokes

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[1] (Blue pin with dot) Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset, England - Ancestral homeland for the Croad/Crode/Croade family
[2] (Red pin with dot) Frampton, Dorset, England - birthplace of Susanna Tizzard (future wife of Robert Rendle Croad) and near as I have found, ancestral homeland of the Tizzard/Tyzard/Tissard family.
[3] (Green pin with dot) Crewkerne, Somerset, England - birthplace of Elizabeth Rendle (future wife of Robert Croad and mother of Robert Rendle Croad).
[4] (Teal pin with dot) Chedzoy, Somerset, England - birthplace of George Stokes.
[5] (Yellow pin with dot) Churchill, Somerset, England - birthplace of Charlotte Shepstone/Shipton
[6] (Blue pin) Congresbury, Somerset, England - ancestral homeland for the Shipton/Shepstone family.
[7] (Red pin) Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales - birthplace of Mary Stokes, daughter of George Stokes and Charlotte Shepstone and future wife of Frederick Rendle Croad (son of Robert Rendle Croad and Susanna Tizzard)
[8] (Green pushpin) Bristol, England - port of departure for Frederick Rendle Croad when he left for Quebec
[9] (Teal pushpin) Quebec, Quebec, Canada - port of arrival for Frederick Rendle Croad (also believed to be the family's port of departure when they returned to Wales a few years later)
[10] (Red pushpin) Liverpool, England - port of departure for Frederick Rendle adn Mary Stokes Croad and family
[11] (Blue pushpin) Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania - port of arrival for Frederick and Mary and their family
[12] (Green pin) Lakeview, Montcalm, Michigan - where Frederick and Mary settled in the US and raised their family

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