Monday, February 21, 2011

Mappy Monday: Healey

I'm a longtime fan of GoogleMaps and am in the process of making them for my GoogleSites genealogy website.  My goal is to make a migration map for each branch of my family tree with pins denoting 1) an ancestor's birthplace, 2) port of arrival/departure if known and 3) place where they originally settled and why if known.  Below is my Healey/Healy/Haley branch map:

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[1] (Blue with dot) Cambridge, Suffolk, MA - birthplace of Paul Healy.
[2] (Red with dot) Rehoboth, Bristol, MA - birthplace of Ebenezer Healey.
[3] (Green with dot) Brimfield, Hampden, MA - birthplace of Comfort Haley.
[4] (Green) Chebogue Town Point, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - place Ebenezer Healey and his children settled.
[5] (Teal with dot) Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - birthplace of Ebenezer Haley.
[6] (Yellow with dot) Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - birthplace of Comfort Haley (later Healey)
[7] (Blue) Aspinwall (now Colón), Panama - port of arrival for Comfort Haley before crossing the isthmus of Panama for California.
[8] (Red) Newark, Alameda, CA - place Ebenezer Haley and his children settled.
[9] (Purple with dot) Newark, Alameda, CA - birthplace of Lauren Everett Healey.
[10] (Pink with dot) San Francisco, San Francisco, CA - birthplace of Gladys Viola Healey (later Shinn), my great-grandmother.

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  1. Very nice! I like this idea! My branch of the Healeys stayed in one small section of this map, but your branch has roamed the globe!


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