Thursday, January 19, 2012

John Collins of Mendon

While looking for something else, I found this:
"Doyle Heman of Pittsford, wf., Alzenia, dau. of Moses and Rhoda Jackman."
Which led me to this:
"Jackman, Moses, wf., Rhoda, dau. of John and Rebecca Collins of Mendon."
Which finally led me to this:

Heman Doyle and Alzina Jackman were my 4th great-grandparents.  It has long been rumored that Alzina's mother, Rhoda, was the daughter of John and Rebecca (Sherman) Collins but the proof for this, that I have found, has been scant to none thus far.  Until now it seems.  The above states:

Collins, John.  Mendon.      died Jan. 5, 1833 
Widow, Rebecca Collins, who died Mar. 31, 1833.  She was Adm. Apr. 1833.
John Collins appointed Adm. May 14, 1833.
Children, viz.  William and Nathan Collins of Barre, N.Y.  John Col-
lins of Sing Sing, N.Y. child of a deceased son, William Collins.  
Children of Rhoda (wife of Moses Jackman) deceased daughter, viz.  
Flora, wife of Holly Dagget of Henrietta.  Cyrus Jackman of Sardinia
Erie Co. N.Y.  Alzeria, wife of Heman Doyle of Pittsford.
Children of a deceased daughter, Rebecca, wife of Jonah D. Symonds,
viz. George and Joel Symonds of Sardinia, N.Y.  Huldah, wife of
Anson Lord of Royalton, N.Y.  Darwin and Laura Symonds and William
Symonds, of Rochester.  John Collins, a son, of Mendon, Thomas 
and George T. Collins of Sardinia, N.Y. both sons of the deceased.
Avis, wife of Samuel Potter of Vt. a daughter, Laura, wife of Oliver
Goodspeed, a daughter, of Genesee or Erie Co., N.Y.  Livonia, wife of
Ellery Stone of Warren, Pa. a daughter.  Children of Phebe, wife of
Thomas Leet, a deceased daughter, viz. Carolina, wife of --Lippett, of
Farmington, Ontario Co., N.Y.  Thomas Leet, residence unknown, both of
full age, and John Leet, ae. 19, of Henrietta, N.Y.

The first two entries above were found in the book Married Daughters, the third from the book Intestate Estates of Monroe County: 1821-1863

What makes this especially exciting is that John Collins was a veteran of the Revolutionary War.  When I have the time to pursue membership in the DAR, this is an avenue I could go down.

John Collins is buried in Graves Cemetery in Mendon, Monroe, New York.

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