Monday, September 10, 2012

Amanuensis Monday: No Cause of Action

"Artist Wood Discharged.
    "William Wood, the Lockport artist who was arrested by Agnes Bridges of the Falls and taken before Justice Piper for assault, was last Saturday honorably discharged on the grounds of no cause of action.
    "Mr. Wood desires to make the following statement:
    "He says he is engaged in making crayon portraits, soliciting throughout the State personally sometimes.  Last November he called on Mrs. Agnes Bridges, who gave him an order for a portrait to be delivered May 1st, terms cash if the work proved satisfactory.  He took the portrait to her and the work was satisfactory, he claims, but she could only pay one dollar then.  Mr. Wood said he told her he could not leave the picture, but would leave it at his hotel until the balance was paid.  She said it should not go out of the house and took it into another room.  He then came home and brought suit and got a judgment two weeks after the transaction.
    "Mrs. Bridges returned to the Falls the same day and had him arrested for assault, with the result noted above."

Lockport Daily Journal (Lockport, Niagara, New York), 28 May 1894, page 5.

William Wood was the brother of my third great-grandfather.  Do you have any crayon portraits of your ancestors from the Niagara County, New York area?  Maybe William drew it!  He was in business there from the mid-1880s until the mid-1920s.

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