Saturday, April 25, 2009

Blogging Prompt #16

Believe it or not but in the real world I'm actually very good about meeting deadlines. Unfortunately, in the blogosphere that usually isn't the case. If good intentions were nickels I'd be a millionaire because I usually DO plan on participating in all the geneablogger things that go on each month (or week) and even start posts about these things. Then I get sidetracked and don't remember that I had started these posts until about a week after the deadline. Hopefully, the fact that I'm doing this now is a sign for a brighter future for me, one in which I actually pay attention to prompt deadlines and meet them... Anyway, here are my genealogy goals:

1. pay more attention to geneablogger deadlines (surprise surprise!)
2. participate in a carnivale
3. go on more genealogy vacations/research trips
4. go to a family history center (the worst part is that I live about five minutes away from one!)
5. visit the California archives and library (again, only about five minutes away for me)
6. do more RAOGK and look-ups for people
7. scan all the letters and postcards (and there are A LOT of them) that have been collecting dust for almost a year
8. organize all my genealogy data including tipping all the stuff that I have that I know is wrong but can't seem to toss.
9. join a Genealogical Society (there are several in my area to choose from but I'd especially like to join San Joaquin County's since that is where all my family is from and I go there at least once a month)
10. attend a scanfest (did I mention I have a TON of documents I have to scan?!)
11. get one of those nifty scanners Dick Eastman profiled the other day.
12. devote more time to my poor, pitiful genealogy website (something I HAVE to do now that my family has descovered it! Okay, so I told them about it but now they are actually looking at it and wondering why nothing has been added in a year)
13. get a new camera and actually, you know... take pictures!
14. be better about returning e-mails and Ancestry messages (a new feature which I happen to LOVE by the way)
15. find that video of my great-grandmother's 100th birthday party and convert it to DVD (and if I'm really on the ball, make copies of said DVD for family members)
16. be able to trace my paternal Scotch and Irish ancestors back to Europe
17. find out SOMETHING, ANYTHING(!!!) on my Italian side... please, someone, SOMETHING! At this point I'd settle for a middle name or address even... I'm DESPERATE! Ugh...
18. find out something about my Danish side- see #17 above.
19. interview my grandmother and parents.
20. be better about including my family in my genealogy work and sharing my discoveries with them.


  1. There's a scanfest this Sunday. Maybe I'll see you there. :)

  2. Hi ~
    If I were you I'd pay the most attention to #19! Although I was very much "into" genealogy when my grandparents were around, and I did talk to that I am more serious about it I have a whole laundry list of questions I wish I'd asked them!

    Good luck on your list!

  3. HI,
    I just stumbled on this and you have been busy.
    I am Aunt Jeannie....
    would love to hear from you!

    Aunt Jeannie


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