1865 New York Census: Part 1

Now that I am done with school for a little while, I can devote more time to genealogical pursuits and the first thing I wanted to check out was the new 1865 New York state census up on FamilySearch. Since it is browse only, I don't think I'll be looking (at least just yet) for my multitude of Roses, Motts and Smiths in NYC (there were some of them in every borough and they moved a lot so it would be pretty daunting). I do have other branches in upstate New York, primarily in Livingston and Monroe counties and it was actually quite easy to find them. First up is the Daggett family in Brighton, New York. Flora Jackman Daggett was the sister of my ancestor Alzina Jackman Doyle and she, along with her husband Hollis, son Frederick, daughter-in-law Mary Agnes Peets Daggett and grandson William were all together in the 1865 census:

Frederick and Mary Agnes (the daughter of Hiram Peets and Roxanna Sachett) would go on to have two more sons, Edgar and Frank and would relocate to the Lockport area of New York around the 1870s. Hollis Daggett died in 1882 in Brighton and Flora died sometime after him, probably also in Brighton. Of note to researchers: I found, while the overall quality of the images was exceptional, there were several smaller communities that I researched that were a bit harder to read (due to their condition rather than the copying of the image). Also, as you go through the images be sure and check the WHOLE image. I went through several pages before I realized that each "page" was actually two (think of an open book with each page counting as one). I don't know if the larger cities do this, but I also noticed that there are some pages for the more rural towns devoted to agriculture and the farms in that area (since my family were farmers, I found this interesting). Occasional mortality, birth and veteran schedules accompanied the general census too and are worth a look.


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