Siblings of Andrew Webb: John Webb

Until recently I knew next to nothing about my ancestor Andrew Webb's siblings. Andrew was the eldest son of Martin Webb and Martha (Leet?). He was born on February 24 1820 in Orange Co., Indiana. Later, Martin and Martha had: John Webb (b. circa 1821, Lawrence or Orange Co., IN), Nancy Webb (b. 21 May 1824, Paoli Twp., Orange, IN), William Martin Webb (b. December 17 1822, Lawrence Co., IN), and Caty Webb (b. circa 1823, Indiana- nothing is known about Caty beyond this). Besides brother William I never knew what happened to the other children, in fact, the only reason I knew about the other children is because they were mentioned in Martin's will. Now I know quite a bit about Andrew's siblings, thanks to a generous Webb research I was recently in contact with. I thought I would post these new finds, starting with brother John:

John Webb married Letitia Emery on Feb 28 1844 in Lawrence Co., IN. Letitia was born around 1822 in Kentucky. At the time of the 1850 the family was living in Shawswick Twp. In Lawrence Co. Along with the children, an Abraham Leet is listed as living with the family and is possibly John's uncle. John and Letitia had the following children according to the 1850 Census:

1. Rachel Webb, b. circa 1845, Indiana
2. Martha H. Webb, b. circa 1846, Indiana
3. Nancy M. Webb, b. circa 1848, Indiana
4. William H. Webb, b. circa January 1850, Indiana

By 1860, the family was living in McCameron, Martin, Indiana and had grown to include more children:

1. Rachael E., b. circa 1843, Indiana
2. Martha A. Webb, b. circa 1845, Indiana
3. Nancy M., b. circa 1848, Indiana
4. Sarah C., b. circa 1850, Indiana
5. John M., b. circa 1852, Indiana
6. Mary M., b. circa 1856, Indiana
7. Sarah (?) A., b. circa 1856, Indiana (I think this is actually Susan, see below)
8. Peter W., b. circa 1859, Indiana

By 1870, Letitia has died and the family is back in Marion, Lawrence Co. By now the household consists of John and the following children:

1. John M., b. circa 1854, Indiana
2. Mary M., b. circa 1857, Indiana
3. Susan M., b. circa 1857, Indiana
4. Abrahamn Lincoln, b. circa 1861, Indiana
5. Peter W., b. circa 1857, Indiana

An 1880 Census from East Fork, Faulkner, Arkansas could be my John but I don't as yet know for sure. I believe the family relocated to Arkansas after this, but have no proof as yet. A Peter Webb who matches what I have appears in census records for Little Rock, adding to the plausibility that the family relocated to Arkansas. I will have to do some more research before I can say for sure whatever happened to brother John and his family.


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