1865 New York Census: Part 2

One thing I especially liked about the 1865 census was that it listed where each person was born and if they were born in New York the specific county of birth is given. I know I was surprised when I was researching and found that while one family was in Monroe county where I expected them, most of the children were born in Genesee (which is very helpful should I ever pursue vital records for them). I also thought it was interesting how clustered together each family was for the census. I can't speak for the other "groupings" but there were many sons in one branch of my family and each one went off and established their own farms in various parts of Livingston county, yet they are all on the same page in Livonia in 1865. Whether the census taker just happened upon the (very large) family when they were all visiting in one place or if he made a conscious effort to group them together, I do not know but both scenarios seem unlikely so I am at a loss...

This time I researched my Jackmans in Livonia and they were all in the same area (the groupings thing I mentioned earlier):

There were other Jackmans on the page as well. Most of the ones listed here are my ancestor Alzina's half-siblings. Alzina had two brothers and a sister (Flora in the previous post) before their mother, Rhoda, died and their father, Moses, remarried Betsey Beecher. Moses and Betsey had many children, most are listed above. Moses died right before the census, in 1861, but Betsey is listed in her son George W's household.

I think I'll keep tackling the smaller communities in upstate New York. I've found that these areas are very easy and quick to look through. Once I get all of those searches done, I'll go after the big kahuna, New York City.


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