Saturday, April 3, 2010

SNGF: George Washington and I

A little bit of genealogy fun just went up over at Staats Place and I wanted to try my hand at it.  Here are my degrees of separation from George Washington.

1.  I knew my great-grandmother (Gladys Viola Healey Shinn) until her death in 1998 just before my eleventh birthday.
2.  Gladys Viola Healey Shinn knew her grandmother, Mary Gertrude Smith Mott Healey until Mary's death in 1927 when Gladys was 28.
3.  Mary Gertrude Smith Mott Healey knew her father, Isaac Thomas Mott until his death in 1860 when she was 7.
4.  Isaac Thomas Mott knew his grandmother's (Anne Coles Mott) brother, Jesse Coles until Isaac moved to Mexico around the time Jesse died.
5.  Jesse Coles served directly under George Washington and was a close confident and spy for him for the duration of the war.

UPDATE: Just found out this is also this week's Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

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  1. Fun post. I am awarding you with the Ancestor Approved Award. Stop on by and pick it up (after I finish the post and the awards!)



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