Surname Saturday: Lapiccirella

1. Me

2. and 3. My parents

4. and 5. My paternal grandparents

10. Giuseppe Lapiccirella*
B. 2 Aug 1888, Vieste, Foggia, Apulia, Italy; D. 8 Aug 1973, Warren, Trumbull, OH
11. Nicoletta Unknown**
B. 25 Feb 1892, Foggia, Apulia, Italy; D. 10 Feb 1987, Warren, Trumbull, OH

20. Matteo Lapiccirella
B. Unk., Italy; D. Unk. (prob. before 1920), Italy
21. Carmella Scarnia[?]
B. Unk., Italy; D. Unk., Italy

*There are multiple alternate spellings for Lapiccirella, including, Lapicirella, Lapicirela, Lapicerella, Lapicceralla, etc. 

** I originally thought her maiden name was Dacci or Daccia because it is a fairly common last name in Foggia and because it is close to "Dutchi," the name my grandmother told me was her mother's maiden name.  In looking closely at their passenger manifest, however, it appears her maiden name was Riccia (also a common name in Foggia).  Since there is conflicting information on her maiden name, I am leaving it as 'unknown' right now.

New finds are marked in red.  I got these names from their son Nicola's obituary just recently.  The lack of Scarnias in Foggia and minor typos in the obituary make me wonder as to the spelling of Carmella's last name which is why it is marked with a question mark after it.

Sources available upon request except for living people.  If you have information on or think you might be connected to any of the people mentioned above, please contact me.


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