Surname Saturday: Berger

1. Me

2. and 3. My parents

6. and 7. My maternal grandparents

14. Gideon Gottlieb Berger
B. 11 Oct 1885, Wabash Co., IN; D. 29 Nov 1965, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA
15. Georgiana Wellons
B. 29 Apr 1891, the CA/OR border; D. 26 Sep 1985, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

28. John W. Berger/Barger
B. 17 Aug 1841, German Twp., Marshall, IN; D. 12 Dec 1891, Oakland, Alameda, CA
29. Susanna vonAllmen
B. 9 Feb 1849, Olney, Richland, IL; D. 11 June 1932, Stockton, San Joaquin, CA

56. Michael Henry Barger
B. 2 July 1788, Rinnthal, Rhenish Palatinate, Bavaria; D. 2 Sep 1871, Bremen, Marshall, IN
57. Fredricka/Fredrica Matz
B. 26 Dec 1793, Rinnthal, Rhenish Palatinate, Bavaria; D. 4 April 1868, Bremen, Marshall, IN

I've wondered for years if John was adopted or really Michael and Fredricka's biological child.  The reason I have suspicions is because if he were their biological child, Fredricka would have been 47 when she had him.  Now, I know that isn't out of the realm of possibility but usually there is a little help from science when you see that sort of thing.  I've been told, however, by people who have seen the family documents, that there isn't so much as a hint of adoption (though it is possible that they kept it a secret).  Another odd thing is that Michael and Fredricka list their birth years as being around 1800 and 1802 respectively in the 1850 census. 

Sources available upon request except for living people.  If you have any information on or think you might be related to any of the people above, please contact me.


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