Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Wordless Wednesday: John C. Fremont High School

My great-grandmother was a teacher before she married, but I have no idea if she ever taught at John C. Fremont.  These pictures of the school were in her collection.  I don't know who the two ladies are but I assume they were teacher friends of my great-grandmother's.  I'm guessing these were taken in the 1910s.

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NOTE: This John C. Fremont High School was in Oakland, California not the high school of the same name currently in Los Angeles (founded in the 1920s).

UPDATE: I did some more research on the school and found that is was located as 2230 38th Ave.  I looked the area up on Google Maps and it appears the school is no longer standing and was replaced with housing.


  1. I wonder what the school looks like today. I was surprised at how my elementary school has changed since the 1950's.....but it is still there.

  2. Fremont High School, or the Fremont Federation of High Schools in Oakland is located at 4610 Foothill Blvd, a couple of miles from the 38th Avenue location in your picture. My dad attended Fremont at the Foothill Blvd. location in the 1930's. It was demolished in the 1980's and a new school was built in its place.


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