Sunday, February 12, 2012

Future Census Wish List

This post was inspired by this one at We Tree.

In 1940 I most want to find...
  • My grandmother in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio.  This will be her first appearance in the census - she missed out on the 1930 US Census by a few months.
  • My other three grandparents, who varied in ages from fifteen to twelve, two in California and one in Michigan.
  • My great-great-great-grandfather, Niels Christian Nielsen.  He was ninety in 1940 and living with his daughter in Alameda, Alameda, California.  According to the city directory for that year, he was living at 2421 Webb Ave. (which should make him easy to find - knock wood!).
  • My 3rd great-grandmother's sister, Christina Patrina "Kate" Petersen Strauss.  Since she died in Modesto, Stanislaus, California in 1942 that is the first place I'll look for her in 1940.
  • My great-great-grandparents, John Grant and Marion Wood Allen.  I don't think they ever divorced, but they were living apart by 1930.  I'd like to see if they are still separated in 1940 or if Marion had left Manistee, Manistee, Michigan to be with John is Jackson, Jackson, Michigan (where he died in 1955).  I also don't know when Marion died, so if she isn't in 1940 I'll have narrowed down her death date quite a bit.
In 1950 I most want to find...
  • My father, who would have been an infant at the time of the census.
In 1960 I most want to find...
  • My mother, who would have been a little girl.
  • My grandmother, who was a census taker/enumerator in San Joaquin Co., California.
In 1990 I most want to find...
  • Myself!  I really hope I'm around come 2062 when it is released.  Only fifty more years!

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