Sunday, February 26, 2012

Shifting Focus for 1940

the1940census.comIn a little over five weeks, the 1940 US Census will be released.  I'm excited.  REALLY excited.  And, I think I'm pretty prepared.  I've located, or tried to locate, all of my direct ancestors in the 1930 US Census; in addition, I have been using the likes of city directories and WWII draft cards to help give myself an idea as to where they'll be in 1940.

I've also been shifting my focus, not just to the 1940 US Census itself, but to who I'm going to look for in said census.  I think it is especially important to be familiar with non-direct ancestors in the 1940 US Census.  This means making sure I know or have an idea where they could be in 1940, same as the direct ancestors.

Why do I put some much weight into the collateral lines?  Because two people per page (roughly a 5% sample of the population) will be asked a series of supplemental questions, including "place of birth of father and mother," and whether they had a social security number (a question I've very happy to see being asking).  The chances that all my direct ancestors fall into that 5% are slim to none, but the chances that at least one sibling or other relative of theirs fell into that 5% are better.

Are you ready for the 1940 US Census?  Do you know where your direct and collateral lines were in 1940?  What's more, have you signed-up to help index the census?  It is a very worthwhile endeavor (and easy to do) and you'll be helping others find all their branches in this important database.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation or connection to the sponsors of website, namely: FamilySearch or their parent organization, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints;; or and their parent organization brightsolid online publishing, inc.  I have no affiliation or connection with any of the society sponsors of said website beyond a paid membership in the National Genealogical Society.  I received no remuneration or prompting to write this post or sign-up for the 1940 Blog Ambassador program.

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