Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Comparing WWI Draft Registration Records

Although my great-grandfather was still in Italy during WWI, his brother, Nicola, was in the US.  Nicola filled out a draft registration card which I found on Ancestry.com:
WWI Draft Registration Card for Nicola Lapiccirella from Ancestry.com
If you are able to read that, then you're a superhero.  I sure couldn't.  Well, parts of it that is, like the most important part: 'Nearest Relative.'  I was able to make out the fact that Nicola had listed his brother (my great-grandfather), as his "nearest relative" but the rest of the section was a blur.

This discovery occurred some years ago.  I was disappointed but then filed it away and moved on... until this evening.  This post by the Ancestry Insider inspired me to look for Nicola's card at FamilySearch.

WWI Draft Registration Card for Nicola Lapiccirella from FamilySearch
The FamilySearch image is a thousand times better - and best of all is the fact that it gives credence to something I was told but had no proof of: my great-grandfather served for Italy during World War I.  Under my great-grandfather's name is his address:
Thank you so much, Ancestry Insider!  Now I really do have to investigate Italian military records...

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