Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Writing a Family History Book with Pinterest

I paid little mind to the Pinterest band wagon until seeing what Heather had been able to do concerning genealogy on the site.  It got me to thinking and I realized Pinterest could be an excellent organizational tool in writing my family history book on my Bergers.  I decided to play around with a "Berger Book" pin board:
Screen shot of "Berger Book" pin board
I uploaded many of the images I'm going to use in the book.  I also made sure the pin description mentioned where the image will go within the book:
Screen shot of what will be the final image in the "Berger Book"
The book itself is written, I just need to add the images and footnotes with source citations.  Once the footnotes are done, I'll add the images and use this pin board to help remind me what I want to include and where.

I had considered offering the book for free but considering the amount of work that has gone into it (so far I've put in over two years on the project), I might scrap that plan.  Instead I'll just point interested people to this pin board.  If after seeing the images they still want the book, they can go purchase it on whatever self-publishing location I eventually pick.

I'm still playing around (and familiarizing myself) with Pinterest, but so far I like the genealogical possibilities.

The pin board for the "Berger Book" is here if you'd like to check it out:

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Pinterest.  I received no remuneration for this post from anyone.

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  1. Love your "Berger Book" board at Pinterest! Do you find that it is easier to share your documents with family on Pinterest? I think it makes it less threatening for family and friends to see the old photos and documents on Pinterest than checking in at Ancestry. They can join in and add their own pins, too.


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