Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Further Hits and Misses of the 1940 US Census

After my previously mentioned early discoveries, I spent yesterday looking at California records at Ancestry.com.  I never was able to access http://1940census.archives.gov until after midnight.  But, it was okay because roughly half of my ancestors alive in 1940 were in California, as well as many more collateral lines.

I managed to find my grandfather in rural San Joaquin County with his parents on their farm.  Then, once the cities of Oakland and San Francisco were loaded, I really got down to business and found lots of aunts, uncles, and cousins.  I was not, however, able to find someone I especially wanted to find, my great-great-grandfather's sister, Nona Lenore Healey Vaughan in San Francisco (even though she lived on the same street as her sister, who I easily located).  Oh well, back to the drawing board!

I also dipped my toe into indexing yesterday.  I've only done one batch so far but I'm planning on spending a good chunk of this upcoming weekend on the project.

Once I was finally able to access the "official" website I immediately started looking through Ohio and Michigan records for my father's parents and their families.  I struck out all over, but I was also pretty tired by that point. Now that my real world obligations are done for the day, I'm planning on re-searching for my Ohio and Michigan branches - hopefully I'll find someone this time around!
My grandfather and his family in the 1940 US Census
Elkhorn Twp., San Joaquin, California
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