Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday Night Fun: "You Might Be a ..."

I'll admit it, I love Saturdays, can you guess why? Because of Saturday Night Fun, of course! This week's challenge, courtesy of Genea-Musings, is:

"The directions for this SNGF are:
1) Check Richard Pence's list on the Association of Professional Genealogists mailing list, and don't duplicate any of them.
2) Create your own (hopefully) funny and (definitely) appropriate thoughts
3) Post them on your own blog or in comments to this post."

Complete the sentence: "You Might Be a Professional Genealogist if..."

Well, I'm afraid I'm not terribly creative. I'm not sure how much of it has to do with just a natural lack of it or if it is because I'm burnt out from the finals and that term paper on "defining the tragic figures and the role of civil disobedience within Antigone." But as I was getting ready to make Beef Wellington for dinner (I'm still a vegetarian, its a treat for my dad) I came up with a few (most are applicable to myself, though I'm by no stretch of the imagination a professional genealogist):

*... your idea of the perfect summer job when you were sixteen was to teach the genealogy class at the senior center.
*... you have to explain to your friends that you'd rather do Saturday Night Fun than go out bar hopping.
*... you celebrate the end of another school week by pulling out your Evidence Explained and going to town sourcing!
*... you'd rather be touring cemeteries than be in Long Beach or Cabo at Spring Break.
*... you follow your grandmother around with a tape recorder and when she finally gets tired of all the questions, she has to bribe you to be quiet with family photos.
*... you promise copies of that family history book you've been working on for years to family members, but there is always just ONE MORE thing to add before it is finished.
*... you have over 100 known "cousins"... and you talk with them all at least once a year.
*... you know citation better than your English teacher.
*... as you're sitting in history class listening to a lecture, you can connect your ancestors to the event(s) being discussed.
*... your dream is to be on Antiques Roadshow so that you can show off all your awesome family treasures!
*... all your relatives call you up to find out when each others birthdays, anniversaries, etc. are.
*... you save every scrap of paper and photo with relatives in it for posterity.
*... you think making pedigree charts and family group sheets is a fun activity at family reunions.
*... you can drive through your ancestor's hometown and point out every place where they lived, worked, went to school, etc.
*... you call up your friend at 3 in the morning to excitedly tell them your great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfather's brother's son's step-daughter's husband and their great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandmother's sister's husband's nephew's wife's parents were neighbors... and then you don't understand why your friend isn't as excited as you are.
*... you have your local sexton's home phone number and you aren't afraid to use it.
*... you greet your relatives by asking if they have any old family pictures to share.
*... you look up everyone you known in Ancestry or FamilySearch.
*... you go through your friends and neighbors mail looking for information that you can add to that "surprise" pedigree chart you're making for them.
*... you've always got a reserve of SASEs ready to go and at your finger tips!

Okay, so I did more than a "few" but I had fun, even if most of mine are pretty lame...


  1. These are both true and funny!

  2. We have a winner for "most creative submissions to an SNGF theme"

    Well done - are you this good when you're rested?

    Interesting to see this from a younger genealogist!

    Thanks -- Randy


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