Friday, November 20, 2009

Kreativ Blogger Award

Much to my surprise, I got an award!  Many thank yous to Greta and Louise who made my day (twice!) by thinking of me and my little dog and pony show (aka this blog).  I'd like to pass the award on to others but I don't know who has gotten it yet or not and honestly, it is just too difficult to pick just seven to give it too!  I can list my "seven things" though:
  1. I became a vegetarian and a genealogy addict within weeks of each other back in early 1999 (I was eleven).
  2. Genealogy isn't my only hobby, I also I like to watch movies (favorite: The Best Years Of Our Lives and really, anything on TCM) and TV (favorites: the original Star Trek, Mad Men, Frasier), play video games (I love Final Fantasy and Zelda and am getting into the Assassin's Creed franchise), and read anything Raymond Chandler ever wrote.  I'm also a gym rat and would like to participate in my first marathon before the end of 2009.
  3. I love languages!  If I could learn them all, I would.  French is my main language (besides English, obviously) but if you also want to have a conversation with me in Spanish or Latin let me know!
  4. While I LOVE dogs (especially my own) and just about every other critter, I am an incurable cat person.  If I could have a hundred cats, I would.  You want to know how insane a cat person I am?  I will literally sit on the floor before I move my cat out of the chair.  I know, its an illness.
  5. I'm double-jointed in my hands.  Basically, what it means is that the joints in my hands are a lot more flexible (freakishly so) then they are for most people.  It can be a fun party trick, but it can also gross people out to see my "rubber-band hands" as I like to call them. 
  6. I was born at midnight three days after Christmas and three days before New Years. 
  7. I love fall and winter (and not just California's mild versions of both).  I also LOVE rain and it is my goal in life to live somewhere where the temperature never gets above 80.
Since I got the award twice, here is another seven:
  1. I always have to have a full carton of milk in my frig because I have an irrational fear of running out.
  2. My cat WILL NOT, and I mean WILL NOT drink out of a bowl.  He will only only drink water out of the tap.  If you put a dish of water out for him, he will ignore it and go stand next to the sink and yowl until someone turns the water on for him.
  3. I have a very warped, dark sense of humor and tend to (accidentally) make inappropriate comments at incredibly inappropriate times (like during a children's movie).
  4. I'm fascinated by handwriting and constantly try to change mine.
  5. I think Charles Dickens and Mark Twain are two of the most overrated writers of all time and that Flannery O'Connor and Anton Chekhov are two of the most underrated.
  6. I pronounce the letter l in the words walk, talk and almond and say the word "this" like the word "these." I also got in trouble at school one time because I refused to say "y'all" and "ain't" while reading a story aloud.
  7. I love musicals and showtunes.  I could sing the entire score to Camelot right here and now if you'd like me to.  Other favorites are Wicked, Oklahoma!, South Pacific and all the Disney movies I grew up on like Beauty and the Beast (I was obsessed with that movie/music all through my childhood).  And yes, I do think Glee is the best show on TV (now that Mad Men's season is over that is).

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