Saturday, November 7, 2009

Surname Saturday: Shinn

My Shinn line, in order, starting wth myself:
1. Me
2. My mother
3.  Everett Heman Shinn, 1925, San Joaquin Co., CA - 2000, Sacramento Co., CA.  Married 1st, my grandmother 27 June 1949, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Divorced 1989, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Remarried circa 1989.  Children:
  1. LIVING (my mother)
4. Elmer John Shinn, 1877, San Joaquin Co., CA - 1946, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Gladys Viola Healey (1898, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA - 1998, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA) on 9 Dec 1922, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA.  Children:
  1. Elmer John "Jack" Shinn, Jr. (1924-2007)
  2. Everett Heman "Bud" Shinn (1925-2000)
  3. Jay Robert "Bob" Shinn (1930-1990)
5. Heman Doyle "H.D." Shinn, 1853, New Jersey - 1928, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Emma Sophia Tock (1857, Charlotte Co., New Brunswick, CAN - 1928, San Joaquin Co., CA) on 8 Dec 1874, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Children:
  1. Flora Mae "Mae" Shinn Bancroft (1875-1945)
  2. Elmer John Shinn (1877-1946)
  3. Bessie Adelaide Shinn Atwell Detert (1888-1964)
6. John R. Shinn, 1823, Burlington Co., NJ - 1867, San Joaquin Co., CA.  Married Mariah Adelaide Doyle (1832, Monroe Co., New York - 1917, San Joaquin Co., CA) on 23 Dec 1852, NJ. John R. came to California first in 1850 and second, with his wife, son and mother-in-law (and probably also his sister-in-law) in 1854.  Children:
  1. Heman Doyle Shinn (1853-1928)
  2. Denver Judson Shinn (1859-1919)
  3. Ida Mae Shinn Snedigar (1867-1901)
7. John Shinn, 1785, Burlington Co., NJ - 1840, Burlington Co., NJ.  Married Elizabeth Asay (circa 1785, NJ - 1863, Burlington Co., NJ) on 1 Nov 1809, NJ.  Children:
  1. John Irick "Irick" Shinn (1810-1889)
  2. Mary Anne Shinn Pitman/Pittman (1812-aft 1880)
  3. Charlotte Shinn Whitehouse/Wighthouse (1814-aft 1850)
  4. Jane S. Shinn Deviny/Devigny (1816-aft 1870)
  5. Sarah Shinn (1818-aft 1900)
  6. Hannah Shinn Pitman/Pittman (1821-aft 1855)
  7. John R. Shinn (1823-1867)
  8. Edith Shinn Keeler (1825-aft1870)
  9. Jacob Asay Shinn (1829-)

The Shinn family first came to New Jersey with William Penn's Quakers in 1680 and settled in present-day Burlington Co. around Mt. Holly.  Before then, the family was in Suffolk, England.  The book The Shinn Family in Europe and America by Josiah Shinn outlines the family from their time in England to about the mid-1800s.  Most, if not all, Shinns in the US today are descended from the Burlington Co. Shinns (with the exception of those who changed their names from Sheen, Shinner, etc.).  Besides New Jersey and California, large branches of Shinns settled in Illinois and West Virginia (Shinnston is named for the family).  In my family, the main branches are in San Joaquin and El Dorado Counties.

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