Sunday, November 15, 2009

RJFN: 9 Nov to 15 Nov

This week was pretty genealogy light (a cold bug that wants to take over and just general busy-ness are the culprits).  I heard from some new "cousins" but no brick walls came down for me this week.  I also did a lot of reading and got caught up on all the posts in my Google Reader which I've been meaning to read, so that was good.
I'm planning another NARA order, this time for a non-direct ancestor, John Clements.  John was the brother of Elizabeth Clements Allen, my great x 3 grandmother.  I know next to nothing about the Clements family (also spelled Clemens or Clemmens) and I'm hoping that by ordering John's Civil War information I can find out more about them.  While looking for some information on John's service, I found a wonderful website.  John was a "roundhead" aka a member of the 100th Pennsylvania Infantry (Company K) and the site is devoted to this Regiment.  Finding this website has reminded me that I need to look up the other military outfits my relatives have served in - you never know what you find searching there!  What is most interesting about that website is that there is a picture of Co. K on there from a reunion in August of 1897.  I'd like to know who is in the picture but have had no luck finding out.  John Clements died a week after the picture was taken so I have no idea if he was well enough to be at the reunion and pose for the picture or not...
For a research paper, I had to go see some of my "cousins" at the Sacramento Zoo the other day.  I was always the one ill-natured child in the class who HATED the zoo, therefore I haven't been in over ten years (except when I accidentally broke into the Boise Zoo for about ten minutes last summer- its a long story...).  But I actually had a lot of fun studying the primates and looking at all the other animals so I'll have to re-think my anti-zoo mentality somewhat.  I really fell in love with the gibbons and orangutans... and of course the lemurs, who doesn't love lemurs?!
This post inspired me to look at all the multiples in my tree.  What is interesting is that there aren't any except one or two sets each century until the 1900s when there was a boom of them in my maternal side of the tree.  I think my Healey line is the source of all these present day twins...  By the way, we humans and Callitrichidae monkeys are the only primates to give birth to multiples (and even then, the Callitrichidae are the only ones to do it with any regularity).
Thank you to Greta, who not only gave me the Kreativ Blogger award but also included me in her "Follow Friday" post!  Being included with all those great Texas blogs on Friday reminded me that that is any area of my tree I need to do more work on.  I don't have any direct ancestors from Texas but it seems like everyday I'm finding collateral lines that went there and put down roots.  Fannin, Dallas, Smith, Taylor and the counties of Fort Worth are of particular interest to me.
Blog of the Week:
(I'm doing this in lieu of "Follow Friday")
I have oodles of ancestors from Evansville and I was a 4-H brat which are two big reasons why I'm spreading the blog love this week to the Tri-State Genealogical Society of Evansville, Indiana "TSGS Cruiser."  The 4-H club I was in (and all the others in the area) never offered the option of a genealogy project so I'm always a little jealous when I read about that on their blog - what a great idea for a project!  Poultry, sewing and horticulture were always my projects- I had to do genealogy as a side hobby!  I highly recommend their blog, it is fun and informative and, I think, an example of a great genealogy society that really cares about its members.  Once I get into researching my Evansville relations, I will seriously consider joining their society.


  1. Hello Leah.....I always enjoy following your posts. I have picked you to receive the Kreativ Blogger Award. Please stop by "Our Twigs" to pick it up.....Louise

  2. Hello Leah,

    Thanks for the kind comments regarding my website on the 100th Pennsylvania "Roundhead" Regiment.

    Your blog is really quite impressive! I have a daughter named about that?

    --David L. Welch, Websmith


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