Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Advent Calendar 15 Dec: Other Holiday Happenings

Often times December to mid-January birthdays and anniversaries get over shadowed by the Christmas/Hanukkah/New Year holidays. So we're going to shine a spotlight on those family members and ancestors this time around. Select one or more December to mid-January birthdays and/or anniversaries on your family tree. Write a short tribute to or memory of those birthday guys and gals and write a toast to the anniversary couples.

I actually just wrote about this for the 86th COG.  While my birthday is on the 28th of this month and is probably the birthday closest to Christmas (and New Years for that matter) in my family, there are a few more birthdays that qualify too.  I wrote about Heman Doyle in my COG post so now I'll write about my great-great-great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Hudson Wellons.  Sarah was born on January 3rd 1816 in Kentucky (probably Pulaski Co.) to Daniel Hudson and Mary Polly Lester/Louster/Luster (I'm fairly confident of these are her parents but what like a little more proof).  On 12 Aug 1831 in Pulaski Co. Sarah married John Chappel Wellons (also of Kentucky).  They had ten children in Kentucky before they moved to Indiana around 1850.  They had another two children in Indiana before moving to Warren Co., Iowa in the mid-1850s.  While in Iowa they had another two children bringing their total to fourteen (all of whom lived to adulthood).  Sarah died in Iowa five days after her 45th birthday on January 8th 1861, her youngest child was two months shy of four and her eldest was twenty-nine.  I wish I knew more about Sarah though I am thankful that I got a picture of her (maybe two, the other one is unconfirmed) so at least I can put a face to a name.  She died when my great-great-grandfather was about twelve and I'm sure it affected him and his siblings quite a bit.  Her husband, John Chappel Wellons, remarried a few years later and some of Sarah's children were less than happy with their new step-mother (of course, step-mother had some problems of her own...).

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