Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Genea-Santa, COG Pt. 2

(This article was written for the second part of the 86th Carnival of Genealogy.  Part 1 can be found here)

Dear Genea-Santa,
I'm afraid I have a lot to ask for but I think I've been a pretty good little geneaholic this year.  I would be very thankful if I could have:
  • Some information on where my Clements and Allen ancestors came from.  They were in Pennsylvania in 1850 and were supposedly from Ireland but I can't find any new information on them and don't really know where to look anymore.
  • Some information on my early Kentucky ancestors.  Where they Melungeon like I suspect?  Where did they come from and why do some of them just seem to spring up out of thin air and can't decide where they or their parents were born?
  • Some proof that the Williamson and Montgomery family I have found in Ontario are the same as the Williamson and Montgomery families in my tree.  I'm 95% sure that they are one and the same but some proof would be nice.
  • Some vitals!  Actually, I have a long list of vitals but what I'd really like are the death records for some of my early California ancestors like Katherine Nielsen Healey (d. 1918) and her mother, Engeline Petersen Nielsen (d. 1932).  I know they are out there, I even have the certificate numbers for some of them.
  • Time!  As it is, there aren't enough hours in a day so if you could add more I'd appreciate it.  Maybe then I could be a better geneablogger and geneaholic.... 
As for stocking stuffers, I could always use more pictures of my ancestors and some more flash drives would always be welcome.  If I could have just one thing on my list above, I'd be a mighty happy camper Genea-Santa.  I know you're probably busy with the new FamilySearch so I'll understand if you aren't able to grant my genea-wishes until 2010 or even later, I just thought it couldn't hurt to ask.  Hugs and kisses,


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