Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Blog Caroling... In Italian!

I like most holiday music and Christmas carols are no exception.  For this activity from footnoteMaven, I wanted to get a little creative though while also being true to my genealogy.  So I went looking for some carols in Italian (il canto di Natale).  When the winter Olympics were in Torino a few years ago and the Italian national anthem was playing all the time I fell in love with it and it led to me to a love for a lot of traditional Italian songs but for some reason I had never looked into carols or holiday music until now. 

One of my favorite finds is Tu Scendi dalle Stelle ("You Came Down From the Stars").  You can view the score here and hear Pavarotti sing it here:

Here is another:

Mille Cherubini in Coro (" A Thousand Cherub Chorus") sung by Andrea Bocelli.  My mother is a fan of his and I'm told he recently had a PBS Christmas special on TV so if you are a fan of his and Christmas music, it might be worth looking for.

I'm a big fan of White Christmas and if you are too, I suggest checking it out in its Italian version ("Bianco Natale"):

It isn't Bing, but I like it!  Buon Natale everyone!

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  1. Oh, we just heard Tu Scendi dalle Stelle performed at the Christmas Revels (Washington, D.C.), which had an Italian theme this year. Beautiful!


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