Fearless Females: Mary Polly Lester/Louster

"March 3 — Do you share a first name with one of your female ancestors? Perhaps you were named for your great-grandmother, or your name follows a particular naming pattern. If not, then list the most unique or unusual female first name you’ve come across in your family tree." - The Accidental Genealogist

I somewhat have a namesake in that my middle name is after a relative.  But I'm going to choose to go with the second possible way to answer this questions, by talking about the ancestor with the most unique or unusual name.

The name isn't all that unique or unusual in and of itself but it does stand out in my tree.  I have a lot of Marys in my tree, some Mary Ann/Anna/Annes, a Marion, etc. But 'Mary Polly' just rolls off the tongue, and I love it.  Another reason I picked Mary Polly Lester/Louster for this post is that she herself became a namesake for subsequent Mary Pollys who descended from her. 

Mary Polly Lester/Louster was born in Kentucky (then Virginia) around 1787. I believe she was the daughter of Vincent Lester/Louster and his wife, Sarah but I am still seeking the proof.  Mary Polly married Daniel Hudson in Pulaski Co., Kentucky 1810.  It is here that the possibility that her surname was 'Louster' is raised because that was the spelling given at her marriage.  Mary Polly and Daniel had ten children and carried on the unique name tradition.  Delila Paula, Ranter William, and Berry Daniel were just some of their children.  I haven't had much luck finding information on Mary Polly and her family so until I'm able to break down that brick-wall I'll just have enjoy the name and wonder who her namesake was.

I have been able to find several Lusters who I'm sure are connected but I couldn't say just how they connect.  One thing I'd really like to know about this family is what their last name actually was: Lester, Louster, Luster, Laster, Lister Leaster are just some of the variations I've come across. 


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