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I'm not announcing one, just suggesting it.  I can't count the number of times I want to ask someone about a genealogy or family history book and there is no one there (and the Amazon reviews rarely help).  I'm also frequently wondering what books would be really great in a particular area of research and again, there isn't anyone to ask.  Right now, I'm trying to brush up on military history (namely WWI and the American Civil War), not because it is an area of particular interest to me but because these were events my ancestors participated in and I don't know near enough about them, which I'm sure were life-altering experiences for my ancestors (one collected an invalid pension after the Civil War and the other was gassed so badly during WWI he spent the last years of his life wheelchair bound and died in his fifties).  I'm also trying to learn more about the history of the Michigan National Guard, the history of the Cumberland Gap region and obtaining vital records.  So maybe I'm not suggesting a "book club" but more of a discussion group where genealogists and family history enthusiasts can write book reviews and query each other on books that could be of aid. If there is already a place like this please let the secret out of the bag and tell me.


  1. Great idea Leah!

    I would be willing to set up a Google Book shelf or Library Thing for GeneaBloggers if there were a way to have people add books to it, etc.

  2. I'd do it. This sounds like a fun idea.

  3. Thomas, I haven't really thought out the logistics of it, lol. You're way more tech savvy than me so however you think it might work best I'm on board with. We could also poll the community for feedback if you wanted.

    I'm glad you both liked the idea, I was worried I might be the only one. =)

  4. I've been thinking about adding a page to my blog with books I've read about various time periods, etc. That one option, maybe. Probably something at geneabloggers would reach more people, though.

  5. Great idea! I don't know what Thomas is trying to set up, but anything to get this idea off the ground. Perhaps a data base of books where we can add comments, where it is available (which libraries or on line URLs), who owns a copy, etc. If it was searchable, like for someone looking for information on the Mass. 7th Regiment during the Civil War, or for the Ipswich Mass. Congregations church info, surnames, etc. etc.


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