A Political Scandal in 1854, Revisited

I forgot that Heman is often misspelled and mistranscribed as "Herman" among other alternative spellings (which is why he has always been so hard to find in the census).  So, I plugged in "Herman Doyle" and I think I finally got the answer I'd been looking for (what happened to Heman after he was charged and arrested for bribery).  From the Sacramento Daily Union, 27 March 1875:

"...Herman Doyle - now of Ormsby County, Nevada - was Wallace's successor.  Doyle, in 1857, was a member of the Assembly of California.  At that session there was a spirited contest for United States Senator, and Doyle was reported to have been offered, while on his way from Sacramento to Placerville, a large sum of money to vote for a certain candidate.  He "blowed" on the parties or it leaked out and much scandal and newspaper comment was the result."
So apparently, Heman got by pretty unscathed and from the tone of the article, it was all just a big misunderstanding (???).  I'd like to think he was innocent of the charges and it all was just a misunderstanding, but the articles from time don't mesh well with what is being presented above.  In any case, Heman wasn't run out of public office because of it.

The article did get two things wrong though which is worth pointing out.  For one, it was in 1854 not 1857 and for another, he never (to my knowledge) was a California State Assemblyman.  The Wallace mentioned was a Justice of the Peace in Placerville and apparently (according to the article), Heman was his successor.


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