Surname Saturday: Shinn

1. Me

2. and 3. My parents

6. and 7. My maternal grandparents

12. Elmer John Shinn
B. 5 Sep 1877, San Joaquin, California; 9 July 1946, San Joaquin, California
13. Gladys Viola Healey
B. 3 Oct 1898, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA; D. 21 Dec 1998, Lodi, San Joaquin, CA

24. Heman Doyle Shinn
B. 8 Dec 1853, New Jersey; D. 4 July 1928, San Joaquin, California
25. Emma Sophia Tock
B. 27 Jan, Charlotte, New Brunswick, Canada; D. 11 April 1928, San Joaquin, CA

48. John R. Shinn
B. 21 April 1823, Burlington Co., New Jersey; D. 29 Oct 1867, San Joaquin Co., California
49. Mariah Adelaide Doyle
B. 10 Oct 1832, Rochester, Monroe, New York; D. July 1917, San Joaquin Co., CA

John R. Shinn's parents were John Shinn and Elizabeth Asay of Burlington Co., New Jersey.  It is from this point on that the family is documented in the book The History of the Shinn Family in Europe and America.  I have a copy of the book and am willing to do look-ups in it, you can also find it online in various places in its entirety.

Sources available upon request.  Contact me if you think we might be related or if you have further information on any of the people mentioned in this post.


  1. I think we had a tv newscaster named Shinn in Des Moines years ago...
    Thanks for sharing!

    Bill ;-)
    Author of Back to the Homeplace


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