Follow Friday: CGSL Look-Ups

Monday night I finally took advantage of The California Genealogical Society and Library's look-up service and ordered some records.  I used their Search and Order Form to find any ancestors that might be listed in the library's indexed resources.  When I had found some I went to the Index Codes page to see what the meaning of the citations next to their names were. 

Since I am a member of the Society I was pleasantly surprised to get a 25% discount (and their rates are already pretty low) when I was finally ready to submit my order.  And the best part?  Thursday morning the records I ordered arrived in the mail.  My jaw dropped because that has to be, by far, the fastest I've ever gotten any records. 

One thing I really want to point out is that many times when I order a record, the copy that gets mailed to me is less than top quality.  But this was not so in the case of my CGSL order.  I know it is a little thing, but I was very impressed with the clarity of the copies they sent me.

The ordering process was easy, the prices pretty painless and the turn around speed lightning fast.  If you have not ordered a look-up from the CGSL before, you need to.  My only regret is that I didn't do it sooner.

NOTE: I was in no way approached or instructed by the California Genealogical Society and Library to write this post nor was I paid in any way by the Society for writing this post.  I have a membership to the Society which I paid for out of pocket and that is the extent of my affiliation with the Society.  Likewise, I paid for the look-ups I ordered out of pocket the same as anyone else.


  1. Wow!
    Leah, Thank you very much for your kind review. And now that I know you are a member I will add The Internet Genealogist to the California Genealogical Society and Library member blogroll.


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