Surname Saturday: My Brewster Line

I'm currently in the process of joining the Mayflower Society.  I have four options when it comes to pursuing membership (1 Stephen Hopkins, 1 William Brewster and 2 John Howland lines) and for a few reasons I went with William Brewster.  Since I'm in the midst of the application process I thought I'd go ahead and post my line:

1 Elder William Brewster
2 Jonathan Brewster and Lucretia Oldham
3 Mary Brewster and John Turner
4 Ruth (Turner) Prence and Israel Silvester
5 Ruth (Silvester) Cooke and Samuel Ring
6 George Ring and Lucretia Chipman
7 Lucy Ring and Jonathan Scott
8 John Scott and Ruth Hilton
9 Mary Lee Scott and Ebenezer Haley
10 Comfort Haley/Heal(e)y and Mary Gertrude Smith Mott
11 Lauren Everett Healey and Katherine Nielsen
12 Gladys Viola Healey and Elmer John Shinn
13 My grandparents
14 My parents
15 Moi

The first six lines (marked in red) have been documented by the Society so I won't have to worry about them on my application.  A distant cousin of mine joined the Society through this line and generations 7-9 (in blue) are ones we share and I am hoping I won't have to document either (though I have a feeling I will).


  1. Leah, submit this lineage to your state Mayflower Historian, and they will let you know how far back you will need documentation. If your distant cousin applied recently, it may be an easy application. If it was more than 20 years ago you might need more documentation.


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