Saturday, August 14, 2010

Surname Saturday: My Hopkins Line

Last week, I posted my Brewster line.  In keeping with that theme, here is my line from fellow Mayflower passenger Stephen Hopkins:

1 Stephen Hopkins/Elizabeth Fisher
2 Deborah Hopkins/Andrew Ring
3 Eleazer Ring/ Mary Shaw
4 Samuel Ring/Ruth Silvester Cooke

The rest of the line is the same as my Brewster line.  Since both lines intersect at such an early point it should (*knock wood*) be very easy to add this Stephen Hopkins line as a supplemental once (*knock wood*) I am a member of the Mayflower Society.

(NOTE: Descendants of Stephen Hopkins also qualify for the Jamestowne Society though I have never really looked into the membership requirements for that organization)

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  1. Stephen Hopkins is my favorite Pilgrim! Last weekend we went to Plimoth Plantation to see "The Tempest" but they were doing "Twelfth Night" instead (we had the wrong night) and we enjoyed it anyways. I wanted to see "The Tempest" because of Plimoth, Stephen Hopkins and all the connections between them.


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