Saturday, August 21, 2010

Surname Saturday: My Howland Lines

In keeping with my theme of the last two weeks of posting my line of descent from different Mayflower passengers, I'm ending it on John Howland.  I descend from John two ways with a possible third also out there.  I also descend from John's brothers, Arthur and Henry.

Through John Howland, Jr.:
1. John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley
2. John Howland and Mary Lee
3. Lydia Howland and Jeremiah Thomas
4. Bethiah Thomas and Jacob Chipman
5. Lucretia Chipman and George Ring
6. Lucy Ring and Jonathan Scott

Through Hope Howland:
1. John Howland and Elizabeth Tilley
2. Hope Howland and John Chipman
3. Samuel Chipman and Sarah Cobb
4. Jacob Chipman and Bethiah Thomas

Lucy Ring is also my connection to William Brewster and Stephen Hopkins.

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