Friday, April 29, 2011

California Pioneer and Immigrant Files

When I saw that Ancestry had added the database California Pioneer and Immigrant Files, 1790-1950 I started frothing at the mouth.  Unfortunately many of my ancestors and their descendants apparently didn't bother to fill out the cards (then again, the Central Valley on the whole doesn't seem to be as well represented as Bay Area pioneers).

But my fourth great-grandfather, Isaac Thomas Mott (Essie's father), had a file:
Name in full: Isaac Thomas Mott
Place of birth: New York
Date of birth: Sept. 3, 1800
Parent{Father: Jacob Mott
Parent{Mother (maiden name in full): Mary Green Smith
Married or unmarried: Married
If married, to whom: Mary Joanna Rose (called Smith, her mother resuming maiden name.)
Date of marriage: 1828
Place: New York City
Date of arrival in California: to remain, Oct., 1852, but had made several previous visits.
Overland or by steamer: Steamer from his home in Mazatlan, Mex.
If by steamer, give name: The "Isthmus"
States lived in before coming to California: New York
Places of residence in State: Benicia, San Francisco
Profession or occupation: in youth, sea captain, later (183- to 1852) senior partner in mercantile firm of Mott, Talbot and Co., Mazatlan, Mex.
Public offices held: --
Politics: --
Where educated: New York
Principal events in history of State: --
Place and date of death: San Francisco, Mar. or Apr. 1860
Signature: Camilla Liès Kenyon (granddaughter)
Miscellaneous Notes.
Had sailed as captain for Howland and Aspinwall.  About 1840 settled in Mazatlan, Mex., as senior partner in firm of Mott, Talbot and Co., importers of silks, etc., from China, which were then shipped to the interior.  About 1850 became owner of an interest in Johnson's Ranch, near Marysville.  Removed to California for permanent residence in 1852.

Interestingly, Camilla Liès Kenyon also filed out "Pioneer and Immigrant File" cards for her father, Eugene Henri Camille Liès (secondly, Essie's husband, and firstly the husband of Emma Holly - Essie's first cousin).

Also included is Alexis Waldemar vonSchmidt, the husband of Frances Everallyn Mott (Essie and my third great-grandmother, Mary Gertrude Smith Mott's sister).

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  1. I was completely excited to see these files, too. But, sadly, I haven't found any of my ancestors here :-(


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