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Civil War Saturday - Wellons

(This was inspired by the meme started at Nolichucky Roots)

My great-great-grandfather, George Washington Wellons (b. 1849) tried to enlist along with his brother, Samuel (b. 1851) but were caught for being underage and sent away.  However, several of their brothers did enlist and serve for the Union:

  • William Montgomery Wellons, b. 1833 - d. 1922.  He enlisted in 1861 in Company G, 10th Iowa Infantry.  He was wounded at Corinth, MS thirteen months later and discharged on October 4, 1862.  He re-enlisted in Company C, 34th Iowa Infantry in January of 1865 and was discharged in Houston, TX on August 15, 1865.  More information on William (including a picture) can be found here.
  • John Chapple Wellons, Jr., b. 1839 - d. 1893.  He enlisted on August 29, 1861 in Company I, 8th Indiana Cavalry and mustered out on 20 July 1865 in Indianapolis, IN.  One thing of note is that his unit was given furlough in April of 1864, during which time John went home and married Sarah Elizabeth Barnhizer.  A roster of his regiment can be found here.
  • Daniel Hudson Wellons, b. 1844.  Enlisted in Company B of the 34th Iowa Infantry (the same regiment as his brother, William, above) on 11 August 1862 and mustered out in Houston, TX on 15 August 1865.
  • Henry J. Wellons, b. 1847.  Enlisted in Company A of the 48th Iowa Infantry on 9 May 1864 and mustered out on 21 October 1864 at Rock Island, IL.  His regiment was responsible for guarding Confederate POWs at the Rock Island Prison Barracks.
In addition to my great-great-grandfather's brothers, several other Wellons relatives participated in the war.  John Chapple Wellons (George Washington Wellons' father) had several nephews in the war.  His sister Nancy had married William Fry and were in Morgan County, Indiana at the time and they had several sons who appear to have fought in the war, though I'll hold off posting information about them until I have more proof.  John's sister Elender also had sons who fought in the war, I'll be including them when I write about the Hudsons because Elender was married to the brother of Sarah Elizabeth Hudson, my great-great-great-grandmother and the wife of John (Elender's brother).  John's brother, Henry J. Wellons (married Pamella Sayers) had a son who fought in the war:
  • Henry J. Wellons, b. ca. 1840.  He enlisted on 16 September 1861 in Company G of the 27th Indiana Infantry.  He died from wounds at Frederick, MD on 27 December 1862.
Regiments Covered:
Company C, 34th Iowa Infantry
Company A, 48th Iowa Infantry

Pension Records: 
William Montgomery Wellons filed for and received a pension.
John Chapple Wellons, Jr. filed for and received a pension (filed in Indiana)
Daniel Hudson Wellons filed for and received a pension. 
I do not have copies of any of the pension files... yet.

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