Saturday, April 2, 2011

SNGF: 1940 Census

This week's SNGF, courtesy of Genea-Musings:
"...Which of your ancestral family members will be in the 1940 census?  Consider not just your ancestors, but also their siblings.  

Where did your ancestral family members live in 1940 on Census Day?  Have you found all of the addresses in city directories or telephone books?  Please list the ones you know the addresses of, and the ones you need to find addresses for..."

This will be the first census where all four of my grandparents are alive.  All of their siblings (who survived past infancy) should also be enumerated in this census.  As for my great-grandparents:

Joseph James Allen and Daisy Mae Croad: Both were alive and should be present in the census.  I especially want to know what, if any, veteran information is included on James, whose WWI service is something I want to learn more about.  I am also curious as to where they were living at the time of the census.  City directories from around the time place them in Jackson, Jackson, Michigan but they were supposed to be living on a farm in Isabella Co. around this time (according to my father).  This will be the last census Joseph is enumerated in as he passed away in the late 1940s.

Giuseppe Lapiccirella and (Maria) Nicoletta Riccia:  Both were living at the time and should be enumerated at their home on Oak St. in Warren, Trumbull, Ohio.  I'm interested in what the census says about their citizenship status.  Perhaps of even more interest to me will be the entry for Giuseppe's brother, Nicola, who should be listed as a veteran and whose citizenship status is equally mysterious.

Elmer John Shinn and Gladys Viola Healey:  Again, both should be present and accounted for in the census.  They were living on their ranch in San Joaquin Co., California at the time.  Their rural residence should be an interesting challenge to locate...  This will be Elmer's last appearance in the census as he died a couple years afterward.

Gideon Gottlieb Berger and Georgiana Wellons:  They were living on Flume St. in Chico, Butte, California at the time as Gideon was pastor of Trinity Methodist Church there.  

As for great-great-grandparents:

John Grant Allen and Marion Wood:  I am more curious about these two in the 1940 census than just about anyone else.  Will they be enumerated together?  In Manistee?  Or Jackson?  Will they be enumerated separately, with Marion at the family home on Vine St. in Manistee and John on Scott St. in Jackson?  John moved to Jackson to work as a guard at the prison there, while Marion stayed in Manistee.  I also wonder if there were more personal reasons for his moving to the other side of the state...  

Luckily, most of the above have appeared in city directories around 1940 so I'm thinking it won't be too difficult to locate them in the 1940 census.  Between now and the release date of the census, I'll be concentrating on finding the relatives of my ancestors around 1940 so that they will hopefully be as easy to find.

If you're interested in more information on the census, including the types of questions that were asked, see here.

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