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Civil War Saturday - Hudson

(This post was inspired by the meme started at Nolichucky Roots)

My third great-grandmother, Sarah Elizabeth Hudson Wellons, has an interesting family when it comes to their participation in the Civil War.  Sarah, like her husband John Chapple Wellons, was from Southeastern Kentucky.  Both the Wellons and Hudson families had been slave-holders before the war but had reportedly freed them long before the war (indeed, I can't find any record of them owning slaves after the 1830s).  Although you'd think they would have favored the Confederacy, the Hudsons fought for the Union.  Beginning with Sarah's brother:
  • Jeremiah Vardeman Hudson, b. 1827 - d. 1879.  He enlisted in Company I of the 13th Kentucky Cavalry in Columbia, Kentucky on September 1, 1863 and was a blacksmith.  He mustered in on December 21 and mustered out January 10, 1865. 
Sarah also had nephews in the war:
  • Patrick Henry Hudson, b. 1840 - d. 1911.  He enlisted in Company A of the 12th Kentucky Infantry in Somerset, Kentucky on October 18, 1861 and transferred to Company E a month later.  He was promoted from the ranks on 23 March 1862 and again on 9 January 1863.  He also served for a time on detachment with the 23rd Army Corps (additional information here).  He was discharged at the end of his term, on October 18, 1864 as a Sergeant. 
  • William A. Hudson, b. 1842 - d. 1930.  He enlisted in the same unit as his brother above, Patrick and mustered out on December 13, 1863 at Louisville, Kentucky before mustering in again on January 1, 1864 as a Veteran Volunteer.  He was promoted to Full Corporal on November 1, 1864 and mustered out on July 11, 1865 in Greensboro, North Carolina.  
  • Berry Daniel Hudson, b. 1838 - d. 1862.  Berry enlisted in Company C, 3rd Kentucky Infantry on August 7, 1861 at Camp Dick Robinson and mustered in there on October 8.  He died at Columbia, Kentucky on January 11, 1862.
  • James W. C. Hudson, b. 1845 - d. bet. 1880 - 1890.  James enlisted in Company E, 12th Kentucky Infantry (same as his cousins above) on January 1, 1864 at Louisville and mustered out on July 11, 1865 in Greensboro, North Carolina.  I'm related to James through each of his parents.  His father, James Hudson, was Sarah's brother and James' mother, Elender Wellons, was the sister of Sarah's husband and my great-great-great-grandfather, John Chapple Wellons.
Units Covered:
Company C, 3rd Kentucky Infantry (further information here)
Company E, 12th Kentucky Infantry

Pension Files:
Jeremiah Vardeman Hudson filed for and received a pension (filed in Kentucky)
Patrick Henry Hudson filed for and received a pension (filed in Texas)
William A. Hudson filed for and received a pension (filed in Indiana as an invalid; widow filed in Illinois)
James W. C. Hudson filed for an received a pension (filed in Kentucky)

I don't have copies of any of the pension files though I'd love to one day get them, especially for Sarah's brother, Jeremiah Vardeman Hudson.

Regimental Letters, Diaries, etc.:
None found.

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