Sunday, June 12, 2011

Census Sunday: Grands

I'm very excited about the release of the 1940 US census next year, but in the meantime I want to try and better organize the census records I do have.  This involves seeing exactly which ones I have and which ones I still need to find, and improving my citations for them (saying they're sloppy is putting it nicely).  My goal is to have all this done by the time the 1940 census is released next April.

Starting with the most recently released census (1930) and the most recent generation (my grandparents):
Joseph James and Daisy May Croad Allen
1930 US Census - Jackson, Jackson, MI
My great-grandparents (Joseph J. Allen and Daisy M. Croad).  They were living at 330 Addison St., Jackson, Jackson, Michigan.  Their children, including my grandfather, appear on the subsequent page.
1930 US Census, Jackson County, Michigan, population schedule, Jackson, enumeration district (ED) 25, p. 18A, dwelling 429, family 459, Joseph J. Allen (head); digital image, ( : accessed 11 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T626, roll 996.

Giuseppe and (Maria) Nicoletta Riccia Lapiccirella
1930 US Census - Warren, Trumbull, OH
My great-grandparents (Giuseppe "Joseph" and Nicoletta Riccia Lapiccirella).  They were living at 657 Second St., Warren, Trumbull, Ohio.  My grandmother was not enumerated in this census, even though I'm sure she was making her presence known - she was born four months after the census was taken.
1930 US Census, Trumbull County, Ohio, population schedule, Warren, enumeration district (ED) 31, p. 22B, dwelling 389, family 547, Giuseppe Lappicirella (head); digital images, ( : accessed 11 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T626, roll 1883.

Elmer John and Gladys Viola Healey Shinn
1930 US Census - Elkhorn Twp., San Joaquin, California
My great-grandfather (Elmer J. Shinn).  He and his family (including my great-grandmother and grandfather) were living in the family home in rural San Joaquin County (enumerated as Elkhorn Township).  My great-grandfather is the only one who appears on this page, the rest of the family is on the subsequent page.
1930 US Census, San Joaquin County, California, population schedule, Elkhorn Township, enumeration district (ED) 17, p. 9A, dwelling 230, family 231, Elmer J. Shinn (head); digital images, ( : accessed 12 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T626, roll 210.

Gideon Gottlieb and Georgiana Wellons Berger
1930 US Census - Petaluma, Sonoma, California
My great-grandparents (Gideon G. Berger and Georgia Wellons) and their children.  They were living at 411 A St., Petaluma, Sonoma, California.  I actually know quite a bit about this home as my grandmother was able to recall many details about the house, street and her neighbors when I interviewed her a few months ago.
1930 US Census, Sonoma County, California, population schedule, Petaluma, enumeration district (ED) 31, p. 4A, dwelling 71A, family 90A, Gideon G. Berger (head); digital images, ( : accessed 12 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T626, roll 222.

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  1. I like this idea of getting ready for the 1940 census. I have been thinking that I need to do the same thing. I think I will post a similar series. Thanks for the idea!


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