Father's Day Gifts to Myself

My genealogy budget consists of the money I make house and pet sitting for friends and neighbors.  The summertime is usually when I make the bulk on what goes into this budget so the summertime is usually when I am able to get the most done (genealogically).  With a recent "genea-pay day" behind me and Father's Day happening I decided to go a strictly paternal route with the records I was ordering:

SS-5 forms, lots of them (more than I was planning to get actually) -

  • Maria Nicoletta Riccia.  My father's grandmother and my biggest brick-wall.  She is not in the SSDI but her death certificate lists her social security number.  I also know from this website, that she filled out her social security application in 1973, the year her husband died.  
  • Giuseppe "Joseph" Lapiccirella.  The husband of the above.  He is also not in the SSDI, but his death certificate lists his number.  He worked for Copperweld Steel which is likely why he had to get a social security number.  I know who his parents are but I ordered his SS-5 because his mother's name never seems to be spelled the same way twice, so I'd like to know how he personally spelled it.
  • Jane Rose Lapiccirella.  My father's mother and the daughter of the above.  She is in the SSDI and it lists her as getting her social security number in Ohio before 1951.  I want to learn: 1) when exactly she applied, 2) who she was working for at the time and 3) if she was married or still at home at the time she applied.
  • Daisy May Croad.  My father's other grandmother.  She is in the SSDI and got her number in Michigan before 1951.  I want to learn if she applied before or after her husband's death and where she was living at the time she applied.  She also doesn't have a birth record (believe me, I've looked) so I don't have any document that lists her parents names (even though I know who they are).
  • Harry James Allen.  My father's father and the son of Daisy above.  He is in the SSDI and it lists him as getting his number in Michigan before 1951.  From what I've heard and collected, he seems to have been career Army except for his brief time working for Kelsey-Hayes (which he hated).  I want to know when he applied and if he was in the Army at the time and also, if it was before or after he was married.
I also went to RAOGK and put in a request for two death records:
  • Frederick Rendle Croad.  The father of of Daisy above.  He died in Millbrook, Mecosta, Michigan in either 1932 or 1956.  I got those two death dates from the IGI and an unsourced tree on Ancestry.com so neither date is very reliable.  I'm curious to know which, if either, is correct and I want proof for it.
  • Mary Stokes.  The wife of Frederick above.  She died in Millbrook, Mecosta, Michigan in 1926.  Again, the source for this death date isn't that reputable so I want proof.
I also wanted to order my father's father's death certificate but those SS-5s maxed me out.  Luckily, the summer is still young so I won't have too long a wait.


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