Monday, June 6, 2011

Mappy Monday: Wood

My Woods seem to have moved around a lot and in an interesting pattern, coming from Ireland to Canada, then moving to Michigan and then back to Canada and then, finally, back to Michigan.  Their time within both the US and Canada also involved moves to different communities.  I believe all these moves has a lot to do with the fact that my third great-grandfather, Charles Wood (and his father before him), was a farm laborer for most of his life and probably had to go wherever there was work.

Early history of the family is sketchy but from the few biographies I have of various family members, Charles Wood and his wife, Jane, came to Galt, Waterloo, Ontario in 1855.  Jane's family, the Montgomerys, had come to Hamilton, Ontario around 1842 and then Galt around 1849.  Both the Wood and Montgomery families originated in Northern Ireland, some sources say County Cavan and some say County Armagh.  Below is what I know of the family's locations after the 1861 Canadian census:

View Wood Family, 1861 - 1910 in a larger map

[1] Blue push-pin: North Dumfries, Brant, Ontario, Canada
[2] Red marker with dot: East Zorra, Oxford, Ontario, Canada
[3] Green marker with dot: Summit, Jackson, Michigan, USA
[4] Teal marker with dot: South Dumfries, Brant, Ontario, Canada
[5] and [6] Yellow marker with dot: McKillop, Huron, Ontario, Canada
[7] Purple marker with dot: Farmington, Oakland, Michigan, USA
[8] and [10] Pink marker with dot: Rolland Twp., Isabella, Michigan, USA
[9] Blue marker with dot: Detroit, Wayne, Michigan, USA
[11] Pink push-pin: Rolland Twp., Isabella, Michigan

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