Sunday, June 19, 2011

Census Sunday: Greats, Part 1

Since I covered my great-grandparents in the 1930 census last time, here they are in 1920:

Right off the bat, I am missing my great-grandfather's (Joseph James Allen) entry in the 1920 census.  I have looked high and low for years and still can't find it.  He should be in Michigan, and since he got married in Jackson in 1921 (and was living there in 1918 when he was drafted into service for WWI), there is a good chance that that was also where he was in 1920.

Daisy May Croad Cuson (later Allen)
1920 US Census - Grand Ledge, Eaton, Michigan
The woman he would marry in 1921, my great-grandmother, was living in Grand Ledge, Eaton, Michigan at 615 West Jefferson St. I was glad when I found this entry for her because it helped clarify what was going on between her and her first husband.  They had married in 1919 but were obviously divorced by the time of her 2nd marriage.  In 1920 both she and her first husband (who was living in Flint with his family) are listed as 'married' but since they were enumerated separately, they seem to have separated by the time of the census.
1920 US Census, Eaton County, Michigan, population schedule, Grand Ledge Ward 1, enumeration district (ED) 102, p. 3A, dwelling 48, family 51, Daisy Cuson (lodger); digital images, ( : accessed 13 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T625, roll 763.

Elmer John Shinn, and parents,
Heman Doyle Shinn and Emma Sophia Tock
1920 US Census - Elkhorn, San Joaquin, California
Gladys Viola Healey and grandparents,
Niels Christian Nielsen and Engeline Christine Petersen
1920 US Census - Alameda, Alameda, California
My great-grandfather, Elmer J. Shinn was living at home with his parents, sister, niece and future brother-in-law on the family farm (which is enumerated as Elkhorn Township) in San Joaquin Co., California.
1920 US Census, San Joaquin County, California, population schedule, Elkhorn, enumeration district (ED) 146, p. 20A, dwelling 474, family 488, Heman D. Shinn (head); digital images, ( : accessed 14 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T625, roll 143.

My great-grandmother, Gladys V. Healey was living with her aunt, uncle and grandparents (Niels Christian Nielsen and Engeline Christine Petersen) at 1508 Alameda Ave. in Alameda, Alameda, California.
1920 US Census, Alameda County, California, population schedule, Alameda, enumeration district (ED) 12, p. 13A, dwelling 251, family 306, Gladys V. Healey (niece); digital images, ( : accessed 14 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T625, roll 87.

Gideon G. Berger and Georgia Wellons
1920 US Census - Butte, Siskiyou, California
My great-grandparents, Gideon Gottlieb Berger and Georgiana Wellons, were living in Butte, Siskiyou, California where he was the minister of the Methodist Church.  At the time of the census they had been married less than four months.
1920 US Census, Siskiyou County, California, population schedule, Butte, enumeration district (ED) 120, p. 7A, dwelling 151, family 155, Gideon Berger (head); digital images, ( : accessed 14 June 2011); NARA microfilms publication T625, roll 149.

The only greats who were not in the US for the census were my grandmother's parents who were in Italy and had not yet immigrated.

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