Friday, June 17, 2011

Family Finder

Back in November of last year I took a basic (HVR1) mtDNA test through Family Tree DNA.  I had planned on some sort of upgrade one day but was in no hurry thanks to the tests my parents took through 23andMe in December.

Well, the summer sale was just too tempting so I opted for the Family Finder test (which is $90 off thanks to the sale!).  I like autosomal DNA tests, they are a nice option for people with limited options like me (females) and I am satisfied with what I know about my mtDNA because of the test my mother did through 23andMe.  So, Family Finder was the most appealing item on the sale list even though their database is smaller than 23andMe's Relative Finder.

I'm thinking of this test as an investment more than anything.  Family Tree DNA is still #1 in the field of genetic genealogy testing and I don't see that changing any time soon and, I can only see their Family Finder database growing (it is still pretty new).

I already know what the Family Finder's Population Finder % will likely be since both my parents were considered 100% European according to 23andMe.  So really, I'm just doing this to see what matches I have and might get in the future.  Given my experience with 23andMe's Relative Finder, I'm betting most of my Family Finder matches will come from my mother's side (my father had relatively few Relative Finder matches, likely due to the fact that he is half-Italian) though I'd be thrilled if I could find a match through my paternal ancestry - especially the Italian branch.

Disclosure:  I am in no way affiliated with either Family Tree DNA or 23andMe.  I was in no way prompted or remunerated for this post by any individual or company (including Family Tree DNA and 23andMe).  I paid the sale price for the Family Finder test and received no additional discount of any kind from Family Tree DNA.

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