Anschlag's Confession

Because my 2nd great-grandfather was only in Los Angeles for a few years, I never really looked into mentions of him in the area papers before now.  Imagine my surprise when I found this:

[Note: this is just an excerpt from a very long article.  The full article can be found here.]

"...It will be remembered that a few days ago an account was published of the murder of one Julius Fuge, near Oroville, by Anschlag, and of the finding of the body.  The confession of this murder was obtained from Anschlag by Prof. U. S. Glick, who has translated Anschlag's confession exactly as it was given by him.  The obtaining of the confession was no light undertaking and Prof. Glick deserves great credit for the manner in which he performed so distasteful a duty.  Rev. John Berger, pastor of the German Evangelical Church, has been acting as Anschlag's spiritual adviser, and Prof. Glick has been his most able assistant.  Prof. Glick labored three days in translating the history of Anschlag, as told by himself, from German into English..."

The Los Angeles Daily Herald; 5 Nov, 1888; page 2

The Anschlag case turned out to be quite the case, getting wide and frequent coverage in the newspapers but this is the only instance, I have found, that mentions John.  He hadn't been in Los Angeles, or even California, for very long at the time this happened.  His church was the equivalent of what is now the Methodist church, only it was geared towards those of German extraction and services were performed in German.  I'd love to know what John thought of his time as "spiritual advisor" to a murderer...


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