Sunday, July 17, 2011

Heritage Pie: SNGF on Sunday Morning

This week's challenge from Genea-Musings:

As you can see, 6 of my great-great-grandparents were born in Europe (Wales, England, Italy) and 10 were born in North America (New Brunswick, Canada; California, Ohio, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, New Jersey, and Kentucky, USA)

My 16 great-grandparents:
16. John Grant Allen - son of Joseph Allen and Elizabeth Clemens/Clements.  Born in 1869 in Niles, Trumbull, Ohio.  His parents were born in Ireland, though his father at least was an Ulster Scot.

17. Marion Wood - daughter of Charles S. Wood and Diadame Beam.  Born in 1871 in Summit, Jackson, Michigan.  Her father was from Ireland with Scottish ancestry (an Ulster Scot).  Her mother's family were Loyalists who came to Canada from New Jersey after the war.  These Loyalists were quite a mixed bag coming from Germany, Scotland, France and England - and that doesn't include the many lines I haven't been able to cross the pond with.

18. Frederick Rendle Croad - son of Robert Rendle Croad and Susanna Tizzard.  Born in 1865 in Sydling St. Nicholas, Dorset, England.  His parents were English.

19. Mary Stokes - daughter of George Stokes and Charlotte Shepstone.  Born in 1868 in Pontypridd, Glamorgan, Wales.  Her parents were from England (Somerset) and had come to Wales a few years earlier where her father worked in the mines.

20. Matteo Lapiccirella - son of unknown and unknown.  Born unknown in Italy.

21. Carmella/Carmina Scarano - daughter of unknown and unknown.  Born unknown in Italy.

22. Unknown father of (Maria) Nicoletta, wife of Giuseppe Lapiccirella - son of unknown and unknown.  Born unknown in Italy.

23. Unknown mother of (Maria) Nicoletta, wife of Giuseppe Lapiccirella - daughter of unknown and unknown.  Born unknown in Italy.

24. Heman Doyle Shinn - son of John R. Shinn and Mariah Adelaide Doyle.  Born in 1853 in New Jersey.  His father was English.  His mother was at least half English and at least a quarter Irish.

25. Emma Sophia Tock - daughter of James Tock and Martha Wadd.  Born in 1859 in New Brunswick, Canada.  Her parents were from Lincolnshire, England.

26. Lauren Everett Healey - son of Comfort Heal(e)y and Mary Gertrude Smith Mott.  Born in 1873 in Newark, Alameda, California.  His father was primarily English and so was his mother.  His mother also had Dutch, Scottish and French ancestry.

27. Katherine Nielsen - daughter of Niels Christian Nielsen and Engeline Christine Petersen.  Born in 1875 in Mt. Eden, Alameda, California.  Her parents were from Schleswig-Holstein, Germany and were Danish.

28. John W. Berger - son of Heinrich Michael Berger/Barger and Fredricka Elisabetha Matz.  Born in 1841 in German Twp., Marshall, Indiana.  His parents were from the Wilgartswiesen area of Germany and were reportedly Alsacian German.

29. Susanna vonAllmen - daughter of Christian vonAllmen and Barbara Steiner.  Born in 1849 in Olney, Richland, Illinois.  Her parents were from Lauterbrunnen, Bern, Switzerland.

30. George Washington Wellons - son of John Chapple Wellons and Sarah Elizabeth Hudson.  Born in 1849 in Pulaski Co., Kentucky.  A lot is unknown about his parents ancestries but he was likely predominantly English with some Welsh ancestry (Wellons was originally Llewellyn).

31. Mary Anna Webb - daughter of Andrew Webb and Priscilla Mason.  Born in 1862 in Lawrence Co., Indiana.  A lot is unknown about her ancestry as well, though she was likely predominantly English as well.  She is also believed to have had some Native American ancestry, though I have found no proof for it as yet.

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