Sunday, August 5, 2012

Genealympics: Ancestral Surname

My first challenge is that of tracing an ancestral surname.  I went with my great-grandmother, Gladys V. Healey (Shinn):

1. Gladys V. Healey (1898, San Francisco, San Francisco, CA)
2. Lauren Everett Healey (1873, Newark, Washington Twp., Alameda, CA)
3. Comfort Haley/Healey (1838, Chebogue, Yarmouth Twp., Nova Scotia, Canada)
4. Ebenezer Haley (1801, Chebogue, Yarmouth Twp., Nova Scotia, Canada)
5. Comfort Haley (1754, Brimfield, Massachusetts Bay Colony)
6. Ebenezer Healy (1709, Rehoboth, Massachusetts Bay Colony)
7. Paul Healy (1664, Cambridge, Massachusetts Bay Colony)
8. William Healy (1613, England)

Sources and further information can be found in the book The Haley and Healy Family Ancestry of Ebenezer Haley, California Pioneer of 1850; With an Account of His Descendants to the Present Day compiled by James Bayard Haley, 1964.

Medal: Gold (although James Bayard Haley deserves it, not me)

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