Sunday, August 26, 2012

Waiting for Results

The test has been taken and mailed back.  Now I wait.  I'm curious to see how AncestryDNA interprets my results.  From my research I know that my ancestry breaks down (roughly) thus:

25% Italian (not Colonial, arrived 1920),
18.75 English (not Colonial, arrived after 1850),
9.375% Scottish and Irish (not Colonial, arrived after 1840s),
6.25% Colonial New England (English and Irish primarily),
6.25% Colonial New Jersey (English, German, Scotch-Irish),
6.25% Swiss (not Colonial, arrived 1840s),
6.25% German (Palatine; not Colonial, arrived 1830s),
6.25% Danish (not Colonial, arrived after 1850),
9.375% Colonial Southern US (many unknowns, likely all English in origin),
3.125% Colonial New York (Dutch, French, English, Scottish),
3.125% Colonial Unknown (earliest traceable is Pennsylvania in the 1780s - probably entirely English in origin).

(In case you're wondering, yes, I did have too much time on my hands last evening.  Then again, I'm so anal-retentive, I would have figured these percentages anyway.)

In my experience with 23andMe (where my father, who is 50% Italian, tested) and FamilyTreeDNA, not a whole lot of people with Italian ancestry have tested.  I'm guessing even fewer will have tested with AncestryDNA, which is still in Beta.  I'm especially anxious to see how that chunk is read and classified (Southern European?  Middle Eastern?).

I also know so little about Southern Colonial lines (though they are all likely English in origin), that I would really love to find a match listing Wellons, Hudson, Mason, Mo(o)re, etc.

I do have one little suggestion for AncestryDNA.  It would be nice if projected matches were included while someone waits for their result.  I've already linked my kit to a public tree I have there, it would be nice if other testers who had the same ancestor(s) in their Ancestry trees were listed as a potential match.

Is it September yet?!

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  1. Your suggestion is a very interesting one that I hadn't heard before. That would be a unique feature that (of the companies offering autosomal DNA tests) only AncestryDNA could provide.
    Good luck with your results!


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