Sunday, August 5, 2012

Genealympics: The Flag

I'm late to join, but eager to participate.  Back in 2010 I also played along and had so much fun I'm coming back for more!

My previous flag can be found here, but since it left off some key countries, I'm going to make a new one also:
Not the best flag, but does represent the ancestral countries I missed the first time.  The top left flag was the flag of Canada between 1868 and 1921 and was the Canadian flag my ancestors lived under primarily.

Below it is the flag of present-day Germany.  Although my ancestors left before what is the current German state was formed, I went the modern route because there are many ancestral locations in Germany which are as yet unknown.

To the right of the German flag is that of Switzerland.  My great-great-grandmother's family hailed from there and I am very proud to say I have Swiss roots.

Above the Swiss flag is that of the Duchy of Schleswig.  Although I could lump it into Germany because it comprises the present-day German state of Schleswig-Holstein, my Schleswig-Holstein ancestors were not Germany.  They were Danish, hailing from what is now North Frisia.

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