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Surname Saturday: Lynch

I'm only collaterally (and distantly) related to the Lynchs, but I have been doing a fair amount of research on them, primarily in the hopes of solving a bit of a mystery (see the bottom of this post for more).  Here is what I know:

Generation 1:
Francis Lynch, born circa 1770*.  He married Mary or Maria Rose (the sister of my ancestor, William Lucius Rose) on 2 Oct 1791 at Trinity Wall Street Church, New York, New York.
Marriage Notice from the New York-Packet (New York, New York), 6 Oct 1791, Issue 1211, Page 3
Their first known child, Thomas, was born 16 Jan 1795 and christened at Trinity on 22 Feb 1795.  His sponsors were his maternal grandparents, Joseph and Barbara Rose, and maternal uncle, Joseph Rose, Jr.    Francis B. Lynch does not have a christening date, though his birth date of 3 Aug 1797 appears in Trinity records.  Their third child christened at Trinity, is Joseph Rose Lynch, born 9 April 1799 and baptized 9 June 1799.  Daughter, Mary Adeline Lynch, born 4 June 1801, was christened at Trinity on 26 July 1801.

Francis Lynch died on 26 Aug 1802 and was buried in the churchyard of Trinity.  His will only mentions his children in a general sense and not by individual name, thus it makes it difficult to know which ones were living at the time of his death.
Death Notice, Daily Advertiser (NY, NY), 28 Aug 1802, Vol. XVIII, Issue 5467, Page 3
Francis' wife, Mary, remarried Capt. William McCormick on 21 Sept 1809.  She died on 30 Apr 1833 in New York, New York.  Her will left her estate to the children of her son, Francis B. Lynch.
Death Notice, Spectator (NY, NY), 2 May 1833, Vol. XXXVI, Issue 46, Page 3
* birth date calculated from cemetery records which list his age at death as thirty-two.

Generation 2:
1. Thomas Lynch, born 16 Jan 1795.  A Thomas E. Lynch died in Regla, Cuba on 12 May 1810.  I believe that this Thomas E. is the same as the Thomas, son of Francis Lynch and Mary Rose.
Death Notice, Columbian (NY, NY), 8 June 1810, Vol. I, Issue 187, Page 3
2. Francis B. Lynch, born 3 Aug 1797.  Francis married Charlotte Phillips Bache on 14 Feb 1821.
Marriage Notice, NY Daily Advertiser (NY, NY), 21 Feb 1821, Issue 396, Page 2
Charlotte died on 23 May 1830.  Francis B. Lynch died on 30 Dec 1841.
 Death Notice, Evening Post (NY, NY), 24 May 1830, Issue 8678, Page 2
 Death Notice, Spectator (NY, NY), 1 Jan 1842, Issue XLV, Page 3
Francis and Charlotte had three children (see "Generation 3").

3. Joseph Rose Lynch, born 9 April 1799.  A Joseph R. Lynch died in Marseilles, France on 9 Dec 1820 and I believe that this is the same person as Joseph Rose Lynch.  He does not appear to have been married or had children at the time of death.
 Death Notice Evening Post (NY, NY), 22 Feb 1821, Issue 5825, p2
4.  Mary Adeline Lynch, born 4 June 1801.  She is a recent discovery and someone I know very little about.  I'm guessing she died young and did not have children as she is not mentioned in her mother's will.

Generation 3:
Francis B. and Charlotte Bache Lynch had the following children, according to the book The Barclays of New York... by R. Burnham Moffat:
From page 137
I have done additional research on this generation and it is available upon request.

The Mystery:
So why have I been so interested in the Lynchs?  Because Francis is a mystery himself, and his will even more so.  I do not know where Francis was born or who his parents were.  His will makes mention of a "widow Jane Lynch" and her three children, Maria, Francis and Thomas Miflin Lynch.  Try as I might I have not been able to uncover much about these four people or how they might be related to Francis.

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