Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ohio Birth Index Fun recently added Ohio Birth Index, 1908-1964.  I was a little excited about this because it included:

James Lapiccirella entry
My grandmother's brother, James.  He was born about a month after the family arrived in the United States. Since his mother's maiden was something akin to 'Dutchi' I'm particularly interested in the 'Additional Information' section.  Machi and 'Dutchi' sound a bit alike, no?  A quick search of FamilySearch revealed the surname 'Macchia' in the same province my great-grandparents came from.  Hmmm...

'Nunzziatina' Lapiccirella entry
My grandmother's sister, who apparently was named Nunzziat (though I'm guessing it was more like Nunzziatina and the last letters were cut off) at birth.  As far as I know she never went by this name.

Jane Lapiccirella entry
My grandmother!  The 'R' stands for Rose.  I think it is interesting that by this point the family had been in the US a decade and seems to have Americanized a bit.  She is Jane, not something akin to Giovanna and her father had become simply 'Joe' from Giuseppe.

Also included were many of my grandmother's first cousins, children of her father's brother, Nicola.  Thank you, Ancestry, for adding this database.  You've motivated me to finally order these records and add them to my collection.

Disclosure: I have no affiliation whatsoever with  I have a subscription which was paid for same as everyone else.  I received no remuneration or prompting to write this post by anyone.

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