Friday, August 21, 2009 Reaches Out to Bloggers

In case you haven't read their blog post, has been reaching out to the genealogy blogging community by offering voucher codes good for a month of their premium subscription. GeneaBloggers is offering 100 vouchers and recently sent me 10 to give away. To redeem the code and get a month of free premium service on the site:

1. Go to
2. Log-in if you are a member or create a new account if you are new to the site
3. After creating or logging-in to your account, you should be directed to an ad for their premium service. Select that you would like to try their premium membership.
4. Once you get to the ordering page, select the one month subscription option and then enter your voucher code below that.
5. Hit 'redeem voucher' and you should be all set!

The voucher code they sent me is: Dii-trLFZK-o0

For a good review of the site, read this article. After playing around with Dynastree for awhile, I have to agree that the site really only works if everyone in your family is online and technologically knowledgeable. I had fun with the site and have started building a tree though there were a few bumps along the way. When I first started creating my tree, I opted to start from scratch but then changed my mind and decided to upload one of my GEDCOM files. Suffice to say, things got a little confusing as I tried to find the upload option and at one point when I went to the FAQ area of the site, I somehow ended up in a German-language version (I think I must have done something and that this is probably not a site quirk). Overall, I like the site though I still have much more exploring to do and I don't believe it is something my family will get on board.

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