Saturday, August 22, 2009

Stamp Picture Album

"These stamp picture albums were quite the rage in 1900," wrote my great-grandmother, Georgia Wellons Berger, on a scrap of paper inside one of those said stamp picture albums. When I came across the album I had never heard of such a thing and still don't know much about "stamp pictures" or these little albums. Stamp pictures are just that, pictures not much bigger than a stamp in a little album designed like a stamp book. My great-grandmother's album features several of her relatives: some of her siblings, an aunt and possibly others. The only problem is I can't identify most of the people in the album. I suspect that most of the people are friends and neighbors of the Wellons family in Yreka, California around 1900. I thought I'd pull out this little mystery album since the prompt for this week is to "talk about an orphan picture containing people you do not know. Provide comments on your best guess about date, place, subjects."

The album is badly water damaged (not by me) and the binding is starting to fall apart so I was a little wary about scanning it. That's why some of the pictures may seem a little poor or fuzzy because my first priority was protecting the book even if it was at the expense of a good scan. I know using an adhesive to stick pictures to a book can be horrible for the pictures' longevity which is why I am thinking about removing them from the book, though I'd rather not and they are actually in okay quality. What are your thoughts on the matter? Anyway, here is the cover:First page (none of these people are identified):
Some of the loose pictures:(the little girl, who is unidentified, is holding a kitten)

(another unidentified woman. I've always wondered what she is looking at)

Two more pages (some people identified):
Last page (none of these people are identified):
Some more loose pictures (three of the five are identified. The woman on the top to the right, my great-grandmother's aunt "Mat" aka Martha Miranda Webb Nicholson; the little boy under her, is my great-grandmother's brother "Willie" aka William Andrew Wellons; the woman to his right is, maybe, "Sadie" aka Sarah Elizabeth Wellons Benson, my great-grandmother's sister):

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